Finding the Right Web Hosting Program

There are a lot of cheap web hosting programs available on the internet; you just have to pick out the right one for you. When you’re looking for an affordable web hosting program, you should make sure that the program will not give you a cheap service too.




OPINION: The first thing to look for when you are choosing a cheap web hosting program is the server availability and technical support. These should always be available 24 hours a day, 7 times a week. The server availability should be stable so that your website will always be available. You should also consider the available bandwidth that is going to be given by the program. It must be able to support the needs of your website especially if your website contains audios and videos.

If your website is just a static one or with just pure information, you will just need one to two GB of bandwidth per month but if your website contains music and videos, then you would need a higher amount of bandwidth.

The second thing that you need to consider when looking for a cheap web hosting program is the reliability and security of the program. It must ensure you that the program is safe to use and would protect its user’s privacy.

The third thing that you look for in a cheap web hosting program is its limitations. You must know all the information about the program because some of the web hosting programs has limitations on the types of files and sizes that they support.

You should also look into the interactive tools that are being offered by the web hosting program. It must allow the users to fill out online forms, create a discussion or forum, and even buy products on your website so that the visitors of your website will not get bored. There is also a higher probability that the visitors of your website will visit it again if your website is engaging.

The last thing to consider before purchasing a web hosting program is its price. Even if the price is higher, it will not assure you that it has a better quality than those of the cheap web hosting programs.

You should not be fooled by those web hosting programs claiming that they offer the best quality at the lowest prices because some of them are just gimmicks. You must thoroughly check all its features before purchasing the product.


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How Do I Sell My Product Online to the Public?


Way back when, hardworking businessmen had to figure out novel ways to market and sell to the general public. While the Internet has mostly made handing out pens with your name on them obsolete, the savvy marketer can still think of interesting and unusual ways to sell their products online. If you’re a start-up or shoestring business, you have to think outside the box because it’s too expensive or time-consuming to compete with big players for eyeballs and conversions. Here’s a short list of unusual ways to promote your product online:

Daily Deals

If you’re simply trying to move product, and you’ve got wiggle room on the price, you can use coupon sites like Groupon, Living Social, or Our Deal. You can create a lot of sales traffic in a very short period of time, but be careful not to underestimate the volume of purchases these sites can generate. If you’re not ready for a ton of orders on low margins you could get into big trouble. Upsells are difficult on coupon sites, and return purchasers are few and far between, but for brand awareness and plain old receipts, coupons work.

Make a Video

Video promotion shouldn’t work as well as it does, but it does anyway. If you’re a marketer and you look at the millions of videos on YouTube, you might wonder how you could compete in such a crowded marketplace. It’s hard to understand it, but YouTube’s audience doesn’t have enough content to look at. Video reviews and other content marketing isn’t as well understood as approaches like Google Adwords or PPC ads on Facebook. If you make any sort of video in an underserved niche, it’s bound to end up high in the rankings and drag in viewers that can be converted into customers. You can sometimes rank first for an important keyword in video that you’d have no chance of competing for in regular search.


If you’re selling directly to the public from your own website, you might consider Ebay a redundant venue for selling your items. Many Ebay users stay strictly within Ebay’s ecosystem, and will never find you online otherwise. Ebay is a huge Internet presence, and sometimes an Ebay listing can goose your page rank with the power of their URL behind you.

Affiliate Programs

Too many marketers think of affiliate programs only as places to earn commissions. If you offer commissions to resellers, they won’t get paid unless they sell your goods, unlike pay per click or pay by impression advertising.